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Increasing attention is being paid to the greenery of schools, hospitals, churches and administrative buildings. After all, greenery means a better quality of life in the city – green spaces are a decisive factor in its residential, working and leisure value. While green spaces and parks used to be valued primarily as the "green lungs" of industrialised conurbations, today they are supposed to be places of communication, they are supposed to contribute decisively to the residential, working and leisure value and quality of life of a city. In order to meet these requirements, many city parks will have to be redesigned in whole or in part, and new ones will have to be added. The prerequisite for lasting functionality is careful planning and construction, but above all constant and expert maintenance.

Traffic calming measures In view of the enormous environmental impact of road traffic, efforts to reduce emissions and integrate transport routes into the landscape in a sustainable way are needed now more than ever. Boulevard trees to provide shade, natural sound barriers for the benefit of local residents or planted embankments as wind and erosion protection are all remedies. This requires engineering-biological know-how from your experts in gardening and landscaping.

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