Typographic benches, words made of stone

Leipziger Volkszeitung Leipzig

Square design forecourt
LVZ newspaper building

The forecourt of the LVZ publishing building on Peterssteinweg, Leipzig. Its face is characterised by plenty of greenery on one side and an ambulatory on the other. Benches – shaped like the letters L, V and Z – invite you to linger under large plane trees. The surface of the square symbolises a newspaper page with over 12,000 syllable characters, represented by trapezoidal natural stone slabs. The trapezoids have different shapes, so they give the impression of being words. The spaces between the rows are paved with rows of small stones of the same material.


Over 12,000 ‘
syllable signs’



LVZ publishing building, Leipzig

Peterssteinweg, Leipzig


  • Over 12,000 ‘syllable signs’
  • Trapezoidal natural stone slabs
  • Typographically shaped benches
  • Plane trees

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