Between the Odenwald and the Black Forest

Eppingen Garden Show

Water technology and model making

‘With the regional Baden-Württemberg Garden Show, the town of Eppingen is seizing this great opportunity to strengthen and expand important green and recreational structures in the town. The overarching goals are to strengthen the relationship with the Elsenz and Hilsbach rivers, to link the inner-city open spaces around the old town and to expand the network of footpaths and cycle paths. The overall framework is formed by the ‘Green Arc’ motif developed by the town around the historic old town. The aim of the garden show is to achieve future-oriented and sustainable improvements to the public open spaces and the historic old town of Eppingen, which will act as an initial spark, creating a positive and holistic impact on the local economy, quality of life and tourism. In July 2015 the municipal council unanimously approved the framework plan for the Eppingen Garden Show in 2021. The framework plan is the master plan which, as the preliminary plan, recorded and presented the potential primary goals of the garden show. This planning covered a total area of around 15 hectares in terms of content, theme and function, plus the adjacent flanking measures. The perimeter of the area was oriented around the courses of the Elsenz and Hilsbach streams and also represented areas of different guiding concepts, but also different implementation priorities with regard to the garden show year. The goals of the town districts were also included in the conception. The garden show itself was announced in the form of a limited planning competition with an ideas section. The competition winner was the PLANORAMA office in Berlin. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the decision was made to postpone the Eppingen Garden Show to 2022.’


made from granite
rough blocks


14 water tables
in Portuguese granite


Town of Eppingen


Planorama Landschaftsarchitektur Berlin


Eppingen Garden Show



  • 14 water tables in Portuguese granite
  • Made from raw blocks on basis of 3D model
  • 165 granite blocks with individual weights of up to 5 tonnes
  • Including water technology and model making


Completed in 2 years

Completed in two years

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